• The Ford Mustang has historically come in a variety of body styles, including a hardtop, fastback, and convertible.
  • The current generation of Mustangs only offers the fastback and convertible options, leaving out the previous hardtop and notchback styles.
  • A recent render imagines a 2024 Mustang with a notchback rear end, borrowing elements from the Chevrolet Camaro, but it is unlikely that Ford will actually produce this version due to the cost of redesigning the existing car.

Ask anyone to draw a Ford Mustang on a piece of paper and the silhouette will likely feature something approaching a fastback design. Steve McQueen’s favorite muscle car is perhaps best-remembered for its sloping rear end, but following its inception in the 60s, the car often was more common in the standard three-box, hardtop body style.

Since the SN95 generation of the 90s through to today however, the hardtop and notchback Mustang is conspicuous by its absence. Only the fastback and the convertible remain. There are those who might find today’s render - courtesy of Instagram artist JLord8 - a welcome surprise: it shows how a 2024 notchback Mustang could look, with a little help from General Motors.

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Feast Your Eyes On The 2024 Ford Mustang Notchback – A Fresh New Look

The first generation of the Ford Mustang came with three body styles, including a hard top, fastback and convertible. For the third-generation Fox Body Mustang, a hatchback and a notchback were available, but by the time the fourth-generation SN95 came along, the range became a fastback and convertible-only affair.

This render takes the 2023 Chevrolet Camaro and modifies its body and proportions to add a notchback rear end to the world’s best-selling muscle car. According to the artist, the Camaro gets a lower belt line, a larger glasshouse, and the front end from the Mustang.

Side by side with the current Ford Mustang GT Fastback, the render looks wider, but the front bumper and grille get carried over mostly untouched. The wheels are 20” premium painted wheels from the current model.

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Will Ford Make Another Notchback Ford Mustang?

While we can’t see the rear quarter of the car, the concept is clear and easy to imagine. Although the hardtop and notchback variants of the Mustang often took second place to the sportier fastbacks, the elegant and practical three-box versions of the muscle car found many homes. For a similar look, the 2024 Ford Mustang GT convertible offers the look of a traditional hardtop (with the roof up).

It is currently unavailable to order online, although Ford lists the starting price as $52,000 before options – about $10,000 more than the equivalent GT Fastback version.

Unfortunately, It is unlikely that Ford would offer another version of the car with a more angular roof and longer trunk, partly thanks to the downward trend in popularity of the three-box shape, and the cost of redesigning the rear of the car. If one did become available, it would surely find its own niche, however.

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